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Private Photography Workshop (Salt Lake City area but willing to travel-travel fees may apply)


Want to take your photography skills to the next level? Join Frankie for a private photography workshop around Salt Lake City or the Destination of your choosing.

Every workshop is custom built around each individual’s skill level and preferences. In total, the workshop will last approximately 4-5 hours, take place at either sunrise (before/during/after) or sunset (before/during/after)

Once purchased, you will receive a phone call to book the date/time, and fine-tune all of the details to assure the most successful workshop possible.


  • Fundamental camera settings/exposure guidelines

  • How to better compose your photos

  • Lightroom import/export, rating, and overall organization

  • Basic/Advanced Adobe Lightroom: HSL, gradient tools, color curves, split toning, and more!

  • Photoshop basics including how to include Photoshop in your workflow, the basics of layering and masking, blending images, non-destructive editing

  • Advanced Photoshop skills including photo manipulation, sky replacement, retouching, dodging and burning, Orton effect, and more!

  • Advanced camera tutorial (Sony)

  • Drone photography (composition, camera settings, editing workflow)

  • Best practices for growing your Instagram

  • Basic weather tracking

  • Long exposure photography (nightscapes, water motion, car trails, etc.)

Please email me if you have any questions or would like to set up a call prior to purchasing a workshop. Email:

Private Photography Workshop

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